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HR Consulting

Human Resources (HR) Consulting is primarily focused on delivering all aspects of human resource management functionalities. It is basically an outsourced service that has been very popular in the last few decades because of its capability and expertise in efficiently managing and utilizing the people aspect of any organization. JDRC draws its expertise in HR Consulting from its legacy company Jobs Dynamics which is a prominent player in the Nepalese HR market since 2008.

The range of services that JDRC offers under this area are highlighted below:

HR Department Outsourcing

Conduct all the operations and activities performed by HR Department of an organization to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, resource optimization and scalability.

HR Services

Develop and execute a range of HR services including HR Policy development and implementation, Terms of Reference (ToR) and Scope of Work (SoW) preparation and execution.

HR Audits

Evaluate HR processes, policies, and practices to ensure compliance with legal requirements, industry standards, and best practices.

Policy Development

Develop and implement HR policies, procedures, and guidelines aligned with organizational goals and legal/regulatory requirements.

Employee Handbook Development

Develop comprehensive employee handbooks outlining company policies, procedures, and expectations and facilitating clear communication.

Employee Relations

Provide guidance on employee relations, conflict resolution, disciplinary actions, and foster a positive workplace culture.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Provide mediation and conflict resolution services to address workplace disputes and maintain a harmonious work environment.

HR Department Outsourcing

Outsource HR functions such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and HR administration to ensure optimal resource utilization and efficiency.

Workforce Planning and Talent Forecasting

Assist in aligning workforce needs with strategic goals, forecast talent requirements, and plan for future talent needs and gaps.

Employee Onboarding and Integration

Develop and implement structured onboarding processes to help new employees integrate seamlessly into the organization and align with its culture and goals. Develop and implement onboarding plan and framework preparation. Ensure effective Integration of employees across various functional levels of the organization

HR Budgeting and Cost Management

Assist in the development and implementation of HR budgets, cost analysis, and resource allocation for HR initiatives.

Performance Management

Design and implement agile performance management systems, including performance appraisals, feedback mechanisms, and goal-setting processes.

Employee Satisfaction/Experience Surveys

Conduct surveys to assess employee satisfaction and engagement levels, providing valuable insights for organizational improvements.

Employee Training and Development

Assess organizational training needs and develop and conduct training programs to enhance employee skills, knowledge, and competencies.

HR Training and Workshops

Conduct training sessions and workshops for HR teams and employees on various HR-related topics and best practices.

Employee Engagement

Create strategies to improve employee engagement, morale, and satisfaction within the workplace to increase productivity and reduce turnover.

Compensation/Salary and Benefits

Conduct comprehensive Salary Survey. Design competitive compensation structures and employee benefits packages based on market trends and organizational goals.

Compliance Consulting

Ensure compliance with labor laws, regulations, and industry standards to mitigate legal risks related to employment practices and compensation and benefits of the employees.

Policy and Procedure Consulting

Draft and implement appropriate and necessary policies, guidelines and by laws. Develop, implement and review Standard Operating Procedures, conduct periodic audits to ensure adherence to these while recommending appropriate corrective actions as and when needed.

Retirement, Succession Planning & Retention Strategies

Assist in identifying and developing future leaders within the organization to ensure smooth transition of key roles and responsibilities. Develop retirement plans to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities and knowledge transfer within the organization. Develop strategies to capture and transfer institutional knowledge, especially in the context of retiring or departing employees.