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Leadership in modern world: How “THE NEW MANAGER” transforms companies.

Discover the transformative impact it has on companies and their journey to excellence

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3:45 duration

Kudos to JDRC for organizing the engaging team-building activities at Rejuvenate 1.0! Beyond fun icebreakers, these activities fostered a collaborative atmosphere, fostering camaraderie, laughter, and shared challenges. It's an investment in our teamwork and success, refreshing our dynamics for the better.

iCapitalSupriya Gurung, HR Officer

JDRC delivers exceptional recruitment services with a comprehensive, efficient approach. Their adeptness in interviews and evaluations ensures thorough candidate assessment. Their commitment to excellence reflects in project reviews, significantly contributing to our success. I strongly endorse them as a reliable partner in HR and organizational development. Thanks, JDRC

Hetauda School of Management and Social ScienceSiddhant Lamichhane, HR Manager

The New Managers Training is a resounding success, catering to potential, new, and seasoned managers alike. It strikes a perfect balance between fundamental principles and advanced strategies, offering relevant insights for every managerial stage. This comprehensive program nurtures strong leadership, empowering managers and driving our company's success.